Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Treatments Round 2

So this cancer comes back in most people, yes I know I am not "most" people, but I don't want to sit around and take a chance. I also don't believe in a "higher power" so wishing and praying does nothing in my eyes so I'm leaving it up to the doctors and they say I should have maintenance treatments to prolong the time I would need chemo again, which is fine with me, I dislike chemo greatly. So this Friday I am back at the hospital for 4 treatments, one a week, then I can move to once every 2 months. Not looking forward to sitting for 8 hours but it beats the alternative. Will be hitting Bikram to mentally cope, and to get into all my tiny bikinis that have been in the drawer all winter. :)


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cancer Really Sucks.

Sharon Russell is one of the greatest ladies I know. She has been my loving step mother, a great friend and a wonderful grand mom to my daughter. A huge part of my life for almost 20 years. Every thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, birthday was spent together. She was at my wedding before either of us got sick. She was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months before I was diagnosed with lymphoma. Unfortunately her cancer spread to different locations. While she was fighting breast cancer she came to all my surgeries. Supported me each time I was in the hospital. Was at my heart surgery too despite being weak from all of her chemo. So many times we sat together with my dad, both she and I recovering from our chemos. She is amazing. She rocks her no hair, looks so beautiful, has such a glow. 
She is exhausted from the fight. The family, her friends, the world is going to miss this amazing woman who I am so proud to be able to call her my mom for so many years. 

Saddest day of my life.

So I was questioning myself to share the following.... I made this blog to help people and I'm not helping anyone who might be going thru a similar situation if I don't share everything so here it goes. 
This is a weird one and when this happened to me I googled it. Not much out there on this so I might as well. 

When I was first told I had cancer and chemo was needed, my doctor asked me if I ever wanted to have more children. If so I would need to freeze eggs before chemo because the treatments will send me into early menopause. I didn't want to do that since pulling eggs took time and the cancer was already at stage 4 I didn't want to waste time before starting the treatment. So we went ahead and didn't freeze eggs. Despite not being able to have babies anymore I decided to keep my copper IUD in place since I only had it for about 3 years and it didn't feel great going in so I knew it would hurt coming out and I had enough medical crap going on I didn't need to add to it. So it stayed since the doctor said it was ok to keep it in. 
Well as I like to defy all medical reasoning and as they are writing a thick book on me already I figured why not add to the list of crazy ass shit. 
Weeks late for my period I realize the menopause is finally here. About time, it was right after my last chemo. I was having some physically issues like my boobs were popping out of my D cups fast and they were so sore it was time to call the dr and see if they could do something to stop this crap. They said they could give me something but I needed to confirm I was not pregnant. We all laughed at that as I was still on chemo and the iud and the menopause there was no way but we have to mark the chart that one was taken and negative. WELL...
Two positive tests later I went to the obgyn. Pregnant with non identical twins. 
Yeah that happened. Non identical... Somehow I released two good eggs??? With enough chemicals in me to kill.. well cancer.. How in the hell that that happen? Once again the doctors look at me and say "well we have never seen that before". I'm getting sick of hearing those words. Negative percent chance of this occurring and of course it happens to me. Now after cancer and heart surgery and hardly shedding a tear, this made my cry for days. Sadly the babies were conceived in between chemos and I had a CT scan not knowing I was pregnant. Devastating. I lost them. 
Finding out then losing them within days was a struggle and since none of the drs or nurses could believe this happened I tried to find anything or anyone online that had a similar situation. I found nothing. I have never felt more alone and more like a freak of nature. So for that reason I wanted to put this out there just in case someone googles "pregnancy with IUD" or "pregnancy during cancer or chemo treatments". Nothing could have prepared me for this. I would have rather had another heart surgery then to have had two innocent lives end. They were adorable though. Two cute little beans on the sonogram. Saddest day of my life. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blood thinners are fun

Ok they are not really, I was kidding.

So I have not updated in a while and people have been asking...
Lets see since my last post I had my Iron levels drop to 2, took a month and 4 hour long infusions to get that level up to "low" instead of "none". I have had two chemos despite my bitching about not wanting anymore and in-between those I went to Mexico which was awesome. Got to show off my scar, but no one noticed I was rocking one as I was getting an all over tan. :) I swam my butt of in the ocean which felt so good, up until the trip I was not allowed to use my arm and chest muscles so that was a huge step in the right direction.

The blood thinner thing sucks. Was on a pill that normal people take one of and that gets their blood thin enough, however I am some medical freak of nature and I was at 7-8 pills a day and my INR was still showing 1.4, I hate taking any pills so I was totally done with that. I have yet to serve my 6 months of therapeutic blood levels so my heart wall thins out where they removed that thing, so I opted for the self injection method of some wonderful medicine that actually works for me and now I have lovely poke marks on my belly. Its totally sexy. :) But I get to eat spinach, salad and blueberries now so its totally worth it.

I had another CT scan, the tumors are still there and not shrinking HOWEVER we cant tell if they are just scaring OR actual cancer. So I will get a PET scan to confirm later in September, but if they match my last PET scan the cancer should still be gone. Fingers crossed.

CHEMO IS OVER for now. I have three more treatments but its follow up infusions that attack the cancer tumors themselves and not all of my good cells too, so that's a plus. My hair is growing like crazy, waiting to be able to style it again, I love that awkward point that its not even worth trying to make it look good. Ha.

So all this great stuff is really bitter sweet to me, I have no interest in celebrating my success. I have a step mom with cancer everywhere, they have changed her treatments in hopes something starts working, she has been battling for years. My Aunt Connie was just diagnosed with breast cancer and just had her first chemo, she is rocking a shaved head like a rock star, just beautiful.

This crap has got to be cured.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oh yeah baby! I'm back!

Four weeks as of tonight! Feeling great! The Dressler's syndrome that sent me to the er last Tuesday is much better. Just left the surgeons office and he has cleared me to work, travel, RUN, drive!!!!!!! Oh yeah baby I am sooo happy right now. I ran down the hall after we left. Ha. No holding me back now. Will finish chemo after we return from Mexico late July. Xoxoxo

Friday, May 17, 2013

I just want to go back to work.

Tired of sitting and waiting. Tired of dr appts and nurse visits. I want to be normal.
However I am having a blast visiting with everyone. And breakfast with dad each morning. :)

Had a set back Tuesday night ended up in the er was insane pain. Dressers syndrome apparently which happens after heart surgeries. I got drugs and they sent me home after many many tests. I was doing so well! Walking a mile here and there. But now I hurt more then before. More X-rays today. I saw my metal rings holding my chest together, that was fun. And everyone wants to see my scar which they say "wow looks good" not sure if they are talking about by scar or my boobs, either way its fun. I just want to be back at work. :)
Back to work after Memorial Day.
Chemo after the Mexico trip in July.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

ICU was fun.

I hated the first icu. Not the smartest or nicest nurses in there. Some X-ray tech came in to do a chest X-ray around 1am. Sat me up all the way in the bed and made the bed hard, so it was fully inflated felt like concrete. Took the X-rays then laid me flat down (something you can't do to heart surgery patients) and she didn't make bed soft afterwards. So for 20 minutes I cried and yelled help with no response. I could not find my nurse button, could not move to look for it and the hard bed was pulling apart my chest as I laid flat on my back struggling to breathe. Finally some man ran by and I yelled as loud as I could. He popped his head in and said "did you say something ?" Apparently my loud screams were whispers. I said make my bed soft please. He did and I passed out. Worst experience of my life.
Until the 4 am sponge bath with cold water and an ugly nurse. That sucked. Then some woman walked in to take me for a walk to test my heart. This was at 730 am my surgery ended the evening before at 630 pm. This woman is crazy I'm not walking anywhere. I can't even sit up. So she prepped me despite me telling her I was not walking. I'm couldn't stay awake and my new nice icu nurse was there to take me to the other icu area. Determined this lady organized all my cords, machines and tubes that were connected to me and sat me in a chair trying to talk me into walking the halls. I kept falling asleep. After about 30 minutes she decided to take my blood pressure. 88/45 I was not walking anywhere. Ha. I win again. But really who thinks a heart patient about 12 hours after surgery is going to walk laps in the halls so she can get active heart readings??? Really?

The nice icu nurse that was laughing to herself while all that went down then she took me and all was good after that. I was happy. I thanked her. She laughed and said she was not going to make me walk around until I was ready.